5th Grade English Teacher in Egypt

by Salah
(Alexandria, Egypt )

I was 11-12 years old and I have always loved my English teachers. I being a huge "fan" of the English language, also did intensify this affection I felt towards them, it was then in my 5th grade that my love really grew more, it was also my English teacher.

She was a bit plump with gorgeous wavy brown hair and she was always on time for the lesson, which I was always looking forward to, the English lesson. She would let us say our opinions freely about any thing and she never shouted, the class was always quiet and calm whenever she came in.

It was respect. She gave us love and respect. We also loved and respected her. Every day, she would let two people do a Show&Tell, it's like, someone gets something special or important to him and talks about it in front of all the class. It was my day, then I totally forgot that it was my turn this time, so I remembered when the lesson started, and the other students were asking me like What did you bring? What did you bring? I remembered then.

Show & Tell was always at the end of each lesson. So I kept thinking what should I do, in the end, I found it, I showed them my pencil case! which was not unique at all but was reasonably special because it was from my grandmother and it was filled with candy when she gave it to me. It was so funny, my "representation" of the pencil case that she gave me a full mark on my Show & Tell. I loved her even more after that.

We even became friends after that, I enjoyed the lesson and enjoyed studying English because of her. Sadly, she left the school the following year and I couldn't get to see her everyday like I used to. I really miss her so much. I never had a teacher this kind, honest, funny and conscientious before. She was my favorite.

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