Washington DC Teacher Certification

Are you considering Washington DC teacher certification?

Eclectic neighborhoods, a rich social and cultural history, a world-renowned higher educational system, and the Smithsonian Museums all highlight why Washington DC attracts people from all over the world.

Educators will also discover a wealth of teaching opportunities - where salaries average between $67,000 and $81,000 a year - in public, private, and public charter schools in the District. Your first step to teaching in DC is to secure licensure, issued by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, or OSSE.

Teachers, who must hold a bachelor's degree, may apply for either a two-year non-renewable license or a four-year renewable license. The two-year non-renewable license requires that the licensee be enrolled in a state certified educational program and verification that he or she is currently a teacher employed in DC.

The four-year renewable teaching license is issued to those educators who:

  • Have successfully completed an approved teacher's education program or have a teaching license from another state and a minimum three years of teaching experience.
  • Have had their transcripts reviewed by OSSE and have completed any necessary educational requirements.

Educators with licensure from other states may be eligible for DC's reciprocity program. The reciprocity program allows already-licensed teachers to opt out of testing requirements if they already have completed an approved education program in the subject they want to teach and have three years of full-time teaching experience.

Here is a complete list of states that participate in the program and instructions on how to apply for a waiver of the testing requirements.

All educators, except those who receive a waiver under the reciprocity agreement, must complete and receive passing marks on the Praxis I and II exams. A schedule of the 2011 exams can be found online.

Finally, educators may receive a one-year transitional, non-renewable teaching license, only if it is requested by an education agency in DC. In addition to the request for a license, the applicant must be new to teaching in DC and must have majored in the area in which he or she will be teaching unless the applicant has already completed an approved educator program.

Bordered by Northern Virginia and Maryland, DC offers an exciting nightlife and social scene for singles and plenty of educational, fun activities - from the National Zoo in the city to the National Aquarium in nearby Baltimore - for families. Ocean City, Virginia Beach, and the Blue Ridge Mountains are a car ride away, allowing for quick weekend getaways.

DC is also home to such world-renown universities as Georgetown, George Washington University, and American University and often plays host to movie shoots, television shows, dignitaries, and other famous figures and events.

To learn more about life in and around Washington DC, visit www.washington.org, www.northernvirginiamag.com, and www.visitmaryland.org.

DC teacher certification is a great way to start your new career.

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