New Hampshire Teacher Certification

They might live free or die, but they still require all teachers to have New Hampshire teacher certification.

Yet there is a greater degree of local control over public schools than in other states. This can make a career teaching in New Hampshire very rewarding for the independent-minded professional teacher.

The first pathway is an approved teacher education program. This is the surest path to a career in teaching, but it is also the most expensive. Degree programs of this kind usually take two years to complete. If you can afford to quit your day job, this may be the best pathway for you.

If you already hold teacher certification in another state, you can very likely attain New Hampshire certification through reciprocity. This pathway is limited to teachers from other states, and it is not available to new teachers.

An alternative pathway does exist. Contact the Bureau of Credentialing. They require an application, a letter stating that you intend to pursue an alternative pathway to teacher certification, your university transcripts showing at least a bachelor's degree, and verification of your teaching experience.

If you've got all that, you may be able to avoid the expense of a full-time certification program.

If you teach in a subject area with a shortage of qualified teachers, however, such as advanced math and science or certain foreign languages, you may be eligible for Individualized Professional Development Plan. Under this certification pathway, candidates are able teach while earning university credits necessary for a permanent license.

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