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Mrs. Webb was my favorite teacher in high school. I was in 11th grade. She taught Accounting. She was the only teacher that believed that I could do great things in Accounting. She pushed me to do my best.

She convinced me to go to the school championship in Accounting. I went and actually won 1st place in District and went on to State. I didn't do quite as well in State, but she let me know that it was okay. I will always be grateful to Mrs. Webb.

Not only did she do that, but she taught advanced accounting. Once I won 1st place in Accounting in the district, she invited me to take her advanced accounting class. Advanced Accounting was a class that the teacher had to invite you to take. She only chose the people that she thought were going to excel in Accounting in the future. I was really excited to be invited. I loved to learn Accounting.

When I finally enrolled, there was only 5 other people in the class. It made me feel really special. She could have chosen a number of other students, but she chose me. If I ever had a question in this class, she was always really patient and understanding in her explanation. She would take as much time as you needed so that you understood exactly what was going on. If you needed her to stay after school for anything, all you had to do was ask and she would do it for you.

Every time I saw her she would ask me how I was doing in my other classes. She showed genuine concern for me and I really appreciated it. There are not a whole lot of teachers that will show that much concern for their students. After I graduated high school, I would stop by the school to say hi, and she always remembered my name. I have moved about an hour away from the school, but I still have her e-mail address and e-mail her every so often to see how she is doing and to let her know that I genuinely care about her.

Sometimes, I wonder how many other students she has made to feel this way. I truly believe that she treated all her students this way, but she always had that way of making you feel special, loved, and talented.

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