Alabama Teacher Certification:
New Careers, Second Careers

Earn Alabama teacher certification online. Whether you are a new teacher or you are still seeking a bachelor's degree, find career opportunities in Alabama.

The requirements in Alabama allow for alternative pathways to becoming a teacher.

Special opportunities are available if you are a member of the military.

Are you are considering education as a career? Becoming a teacher in Alabama opens up a world of professional opportunity. Rural areas especially are in need of new teachers with subject-area credentials and valid certification.

Are you are a member of the military seeking a second career? Alabama offers an alternative path for you to become a teacher in public schools. It's called Troops to Teachers, and it is making a difference both to our young people and to our fighting men and women. Come home to a meaningful career change after serving our country.

Are you already enrolled in an approved teacher education program? Now is the time to start researching requirements for earning your initial teacher certification. Doing the proper research in advance of graduation is the key to starting your new career off right.

Additional credits may be earned online to start working toward your Master's degree. An advanced degree is essential for advancing your career, both for your salary increment and for your subject knowledge.

Are you looking for a non-teaching job in public schools? The Alabama State Department of Education has information you need to get started in your application process. Teaching assistants and support staff are needed everywhere in our schools.

Teaching assistants and support staff do not require Alabama teacher certification.

The Future of Online Education:

Alabama has become the second state to require an online career development course for high school graduation.

If you still have any doubt that online degrees are here to stay, learn more about the Alabama graduation requirements and the free course from Microsoft.

With Michigan and Alabama adopting this online career course as a graduation requirement, it is clear that in the future a significant part of everyone's education will be online.

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