Alaska Teacher Certification:
Second Careers and the Transition to Teaching

This Alaska teacher certification program offers mid-career changers the opportunity to teach while earning a license.

It's what every prospective teacher looks for in a career opportunity. A chance to enter the classroom and be paid a teacher's salary while earning credits toward a teaching license. While it is possible to earn while you learn, there are now free rides here. Certain requirements must be met.

In Alaska, qualified applicants already have a bachelor's degree, a 2.5 GPA, and have passed the Praxis basic skills test in reading, writing, and math.

If you have all of that and a clean criminal background check and you may qualify to teach in Alaska now.

Rural communities all over the country are struggling to find qualified teachers for public schools. The No Child Left Behind Act highlights the need for teachers in rural areas.

And Alaska has tens of thousands of rural students in need of teachers. Most village teachers must teach subjects outside their field of expertise as well as coordinate extracurricular activities.

These rural populations are in high need. Teachers must be dynamic and caring, politically astute and multi-culturally aware. Openings are available for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. Support staff, counselors, and psychologists are also in demand.

In the face of these challenges, teachers in rural Alaska need to maintain high expectations for students. It's amazing how often students give whatever is expected of them. When a teacher demands great work, that is most often what she gets!

Varied teaching strategies and an entrepreneurial spirit are necessary for success. A dynamic personality and an adventuresome spirit are also in demand. Teaching in rural Alaska takes determination, dedication, and true love of helping students succeed.

If you are thinking a starting a teaching career, but you need to earn your Alaska teacher certification, check these links to learn more about the Transition to Teaching program and certification requirements.

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