An English Teacher Who Made It Fun

by Sreedevi
(Margoa, Goa, India )

My favorite teacher was Riya John Martinz. She taught us English. My ninth grade English teacher, Mrs. Riya has short curly hair and wears glasses, which makes her look stern. However, she is actually very approachable and is always ready to lend an ear to our problems. She is motherly and cares very much for us.

I remember once when I fell and hurt my knee. Mrs riya helped me to stop the bleeding and took me to the clinic. I was very grateful to her. I consider her my favorite teacher, because she had motivation, enthusiasm and confidence in teaching, and she made learning fun.

Mrs. Riya John Martinez motivation in teaching helped me to enjoy and do well in her class. Furthermore her enthusiasm and confidence in doing what she loved made her class easy to understand.

I believe that an important issue when it comes to teaching English is to make learning fun, and that was what Mrs. Riya did with her students. For example she made literature exciting by making her class act, work in groups, and if it was a Shakespeare play that had a dance scene she made her students dance. She makes her lessons interesting indeed.

Mrs. Riya sometimes also takes all her pupils out for a visit to some interesting places. She believes that children could learn a lot by traveling. Last year she took our whole class to kerala where we visited many interesting places such as the museum, the zoo and the famous temples, etc..I am indeed very proud of my teacher, Mrs. Riya.

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