Arizona Teacher Certification:
Where Adult Education Began

Arizona teacher certification is offered through the university founded by Dr. John Sperling. Phoenix University, founded in 1976, pioneered adult education.

But today, students interested in becoming certified teachers have dozens of options to choose from.

If you are serious about becoming a teacher in Arizona, your first step is to understand the basic requirements for earning your teacher certification.

Your second step is to become aware of testing requirements.

Have a look at both websites above before you begin your search for an online teaching degree program.

When you understand what is required, only then can you determine which path is best for you.

Are you just starting out in a bachelor's degree program? You have plenty of time to earn your education credits along side your bachelor's degree. There is no need to make special arrangements to earn education credits at another institution. The key is to know what the state of Arizona requires. Many traditional two-year graduate programs are really graduate degree's in education. You may be better off earning your master's degree in your subject area, and only as many education credits as are necessary for a teaching certificate.

Do you already have your bachelor's, but are looking to become certified in your subject area? For you, earning Arizona teacher certification online may be the best option. Compare your prior education against the requirements for an Arizona teaching license. You may need only to obtain the requisite education courses to become certified. Phoenix and Capella offer online programs that may suit your needs.

Do you already have a master's degree or PhD? If you already have an advanced degree, chances are you're not eager to return to college for a full blown education degree program. The best path for you may be to contact prospective employers as well as the Arizona department of education. You may be just six or seven courses away from qualifying for a teacher certificate.

The bottom line is don't let the official path to teacher certification deter you from earning your degree your way. Find the facts. Learn the real requirements and then pursue an alternative pathway to your new career.

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