Arkansas Teacher Certification:
Rural Districts Offer New Careers

Arkansas teacher certification is available through an alternative degree program that allows teachers to work while earning licensure.

The program is called the non-traditional licensure program, and there are a few very important prerequisites.

Successful candidates must:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Pass state mandated assessments
  • Accept the guidance of a certified mentor

If you meet these basic requirements, you may qualify to start your teaching career before meeting all certification requirements.

Especially if you are willing to teach in a rural community.

Rural communities need teachers, a fact highlighted by the No Child Left Behind Act and Race to the Top.

In response to high need, Arkansas has made available programs to help mid-career changers who want to start teaching. Many may qualify for an online teacher certification program.

Arkansas is fully reciprocal with other states, too. So if you have worked as a teacher in another state, you are most likely eligible for Arkansas teacher certification.

Distance Learning:

Arkansas has become a leader in offering distance learning courses to students K-12.


It's simple. Rural areas need teachers, and many of the most talented and diligent rural students must look to online programs offering advanced courses.

Opportunity is no longer limited by place. In fact, opportunity is everywhere. Online colleges and universities are expanding course offerings in bachelor's and master's programs.

Rural students CAN access the same great education as those who move to urban centers.

From accounting to world history, and every subject in between, students are turning to distance learning options in order to keep a competitive edge.

AP courses are especially popular for online offerings.

In modern education, the best and the brightest are turning to distance learning and online degrees to meet their educational needs.

In a sense, for rural America the future is now. Opportunities to earn degrees online or through distance learning programs have leveled the playing field. Urban and suburban students no longer enjoy a significant advantage in accessing education.

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