A.T. Still University:
Master's Degrees in the Healthcare Arena

Americans, in particular, are passionate about healthcare - both the cost and the quality - as evidenced in the heated debates over national healthcare in the United States. Healthcare is at the forefront of the American conscious, and it's also a hot career field with job openings expected to continue at a rapid pace over the next seven years.

A.T. Still University, which was the first osteopathic college in the United States when it opened in 1892 in Missouri, prepares medical professionals and health educators to start and to advance their careers. The university holds accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Those educators interested in focusing their careers in the healthcare arena can earn a Doctor of Health Education at A.T. Still University. The Doctor of Health Education, which can be earned solely online, is designed to, according to the university, "create the best health educators in the world" through online courses, discussions between students, and readings.

The culmination of the doctoral degree in Health Education is the dissertation. During the process of researching and writing the dissertation, students will work with a three-person committee, including an A.T. Still University professor. The two remaining committee members will be chosen by the student but must be approved by the head of the Health Program.

While the Doctor of Health Education program does not require standardized testing such as the GRE, it does have strict entrance criteria. Students must hold a master's degree from an accredited college or university with a grade point average of 3.0 out of 4.0 and must write an admissions essay in addition to completing an admissions interview which is done virtually.

The average time it takes to complete the Doctor of Health Education is between two and four years, depending on the student.

Students who graduate with a Doctor of Health Education will be prepared to undertake a number of different jobs, including a university or college professor, community health services director, and wellness program director for a business or a corporation.

In addition to the Doctor of Health Education online program, A.T. Still University offers numerous online degrees, including the Master of Health Administration, Master of Public Health, and a Master of Public Health with a Dental concentration.

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