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Having trouble finding the bachelor degree online teaching program that suits your career goals?

Every search for the right program must begin at the state level. Not every degree will be recognized in every state.

If you are working toward a bachelor of arts or science to support your teaching career, there are two crucial questions you must answer.

First, what grade level or subject area do plan to teach? You must become an expert in your field of choice, and earning the BA or BS is where you acquire the knowledge and expertise in your subject area.

Second, what are the minimum requirements for teacher certification in your state? Every state is different when it comes to minimum requirements. Doing some pretty heavy research up front may save you from taking expensive and unnecessary graduate courses in education.

Don't pay for more credits than you really need! Most often you will need to make phone calls and write letters to the proper state agencies in order to accurately assess where you stand in the certification process. It's too complicated. There's no room for guess work if you want to become a teacher via the best pathway for you.

The best advice is to earn your distance learning bachelor degree in the subject area you plan to teach, then earn the minimum number of credits in education courses to become certified in your state.

When it's all said and done, you need a Bachelor degree and a teaching certificate. Don't spend the time or pay the money for more credits than you actually need.

Learn more about ten great schools offering online teacher certification. If you're looking to earn a degree and become a teacher, you've got to call and write to these schools.

Ask them some tough questions about certification requirements in your state. Ask to take only those courses necessary to earning a license in the state in which you plan to teach.

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