Best Online MBA Program:
Find a Program that Fits Your Life

What is the best online MBA program? The answer to that question is different for every potential MBA student.

Do you have a family to care for? Can you afford to quit your current job?

Are you changing careers?

Do you live hundreds of miles from the nearest campus offering an MBA?

The right program for you is out there somewhere. And the best way to find it is to do your research now.

Consider the experiences of those who have already earned their MBA degrees.

Below you will find answers to some of your most basic questions about how to find the best online MBA program.

These are real comments from real students who have earned MBA degrees online.

First read about the experience of Thomas from Evanston, IL. He Earned his MBA from Capella University.

It wasn't all roses. But in the end he found the online experience very engaging and helpful to his career.

What did you like MOST about your online educational experience?

I really liked the flexibility the online program offered. I didn’t have to be tied down to a class schedule every week and was able to do schoolwork at my own pace. I was able to do my homework and reading on the train ride to work.

There were assignments due every week but I could do them and turn them in any time during the week I wanted to. This is great for someone with a busy and unpredictable schedule.

Another aspect that I liked about the online experience was being able to really interact with the other learners from a variety of backgrounds through the discussion boards. It seemed like there was a lot more participation than in any brick and mortar class I’ve taken. There was a lot of back and forth between learners and since it was written online there was time to really think about your responses. This opened up discussion and also kept them focused at the same time.

Where there any drawbacks to earning your MBA online?

The thing I liked least about the online experience was that it seemed like the facilitators were not really putting in much effort. Some classes were great with lots of participation, advice and thoughtful input from the facilitators. However, in some classes it seemed like the faculty was not really present.

Instructors sometimes did not join in discussions unless directly asked a question. Also it sometimes felt like the assignments were not read thoroughly for grading. For example, I would submit a 20 page paper and it would be graded by the next day and I would get an A even though I knew in my heart that it wasn’t high quality work.

Although the lax grading seems like a nice feature, it didn’t make me feel confident that I was getting a quality education. It would have been better to get some feedback on my progress or work submitted to know how I was doing. In some classes the only points I lost were from turning in late assignments, never from comments on my work submitted.

It was also frustrating because you could tell from the discussions that there were other learners who were just not getting it or at all competent in the subject, but you knew they were probably going to pass and get degrees regardless. I think the best online MBA program would hold instructors accountable for grading the work more rigidly.

How has earning this degree helped your career?

This degree has helped my career by improving upon or giving me some of the soft skills I needed to manage my group. I specialized in finance for my MBA, and although I haven't been utilizing this for my current position, I think it will help when I move on to another job when furthering my career.

What would you say to others who are looking for the best online MBA program?

I would say to make the most out of it that you can. I think it is a great opportunity for people who need the flexible schedule that it offers, but you also have to be disciplined and self-driven to do the work.

Although I felt that the faculty could have participated more in my program, I think I learned a lot by sticking with the material and doing the work myself. I also got a lot out of the discussions with other learners with different backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints. So make sure that you participate fully and with an open mind.

Thomas - Evanston, IL, USA - Capella University - MBA

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