California Teacher Credentialing:
Brick and Mortar Schools Now Offer Teaching Degrees Online

California teacher credentialing can be tough to earn. Just as in every state, the rules for earning a teaching degree are not always cut and dried.

But now California has taken a huge step toward simplifying the process of earning teacher certification.

USC now offers a master's in teaching in an online teacher training program.

Find out more about the USC program here.

It's amazing to watch the world adopt distance learning and online programs.

From associate's degrees to bachelor's, master's, and even PhD's, online programs are becoming more common, more accessible, more prestigious.

Will this teacher training program at USC usher in a new era for teaching professionals in California?

Phoenix has dominated the market for years. Now some big universities are competing for online students, too.

In the end, this kind of change should make online teaching degrees more accessible and more affordable.

It should also help increase quality.

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