Colorado Teacher Certification:
Great Careers In The Great Outdoors

Colorado teacher certification opens up the great outdoors of opportunity for those who want to teach and live in mountain towns and communities.

And Colorado offers both traditional and alternative pathways to earning your teaching degree.

Not everyone is able to enroll in a traditional teacher preparation program.

  • Are you working full time in another career, and looking to become a teacher?
  • Are you caring for children or other family members?
  • Do you already have a bachelor's degree, but lack education credits to become certified to teach?

The alternative pathway to certification may be best for you. And you may be able to earn some or all of your credits online.

Colorado offers two programs for those prospective teachers who do not fit into the traditional teacher preparation program.

The one-year program in alternative teacher licensing allows first-year teachers to work toward Colorado teacher certification while on the job in the classroom.

You will have a mentor and a support team, and you will need to pass a content exam and a criminal background check.

The two-year teacher-in-residence program is offered by certain school districts in collaboration with an accredited university.

You will be working as a teacher under a support team. This option does not include any online credits.

What's so great about these opportunities?

You get to work in the classroom with students from day one, and teaching is an on-the-job training sort of profession.

You don't have to live in Colorado now to be accepted into one of these programs. Which means young people, or people who are planning to relocate to Colorado, may use these programs to earn initial licensure.

After you are certified in Colorado, you can easily become certified in any state with reciprocity, which is nearly all states.

So take the plunge! Move to the resort town or the mountain community that you've always imagined living in, and become a teacher in Colorado!

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