Delaware Teacher Certification:
Online Programs Available

Delaware teacher certification means living and working in a great climate for teachers.

For those applicants who are not able to access the traditional path to a teaching license, Delaware offers some alternative pathways.

An alternative path is especially applicable in the high-need subject areas.

High need areas include Art, Business, English, Foreign Languages, Math, Music, Science, and Technology. Bilingual and ESOL programs are also in high need in Delaware.

You can find official information about alternative pathways to Delaware teacher certification here.

However, you will find that the requirements are still quite rigid.

Time lines are short and costs are high.

Another alternative route is to earn an education degree online. Delaware recognizes teaching degrees from several online schools.

The first place to look is Western Governors University. Their programs are fully accredited and very affordable. Read a review of WG from Matt, who earned a math degree and now teaches middle school math.

Other schools that offer certification in Delaware include Phoenix, Ashford, and Walden.

It's important to find the program that is right for you and your current economic and family situation.

Don't let state officials or university guidance counselors convince you to enroll in a two-year education program that you don't have time or money to complete.

Take a serious look at the alternative paths offered by the state.

Take a serious look at online degrees from regionally accredited universities such as Western Governors.

You can become a teacher in the subject area of your choice a lot faster and for less money online.

Earning YOUR online teaching degree means gaining the knowledge and skills you need to become a teacher any state.

States want to recruit qualified teachers from other professions. New opportunities are being created all the time for professionals to make the switch to a career in teaching.

Take your current level of education, your work experience, and your life experience, and turn them all into a new career.

It can be done in less than a year by earning education credits and a degree online.

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