Distance Learning Bachelor Degree

A distance learning bachelor degree may be the fastest track to a career in teaching.

Do you plan to teach in public schools or private? High school or kindergarten?

No matter what grade level or what kind of school you plan to teach, earning your degree online may be the best pathway to your new career.

Options are available to earn your teaching certificate online.

And if you plan to teach in the upper grades, you may be able to earn a bachelor's degree in your subject area online, too.

Learn first hand from Chris of Davis, CA. She earned her distance learning bachelor degree in psychology at National university. Here's what she has to say:

I liked the convenience of the online classes. I could log on at any time and take my classes on my schedule.

Since there are regular forums and discussion groups with fellow students I felt well supported. If I became stuck on an assignment help was only a few clicks away.

All of my teachers were also very responsive to my e-mails.

On the down side, because we weren't in a classroom we often had to do additional assignments. It felt like I had more busy work to do than in a traditional classroom.

If I had attended a campus-based school, then this busy work would have been replaced with a lecture and a pop quiz. The busy work was a way of ensuring your participation in the class.

On the whole, however, the experience was great. Initially, some prospective employers did not regard my degree with the same respect as a typical college. But over the years it's become widely accepted.

I think it's a great option for adults who need to work full time. Especially, if you are also juggling a family.

Chris, Davis, CA - National University, BA Psychology

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