Doctoral Degree Teacher and Mentor

by Mariko
(Muntinlupa city, Metro Manila, Philippines )

Never shall I forget my favorite teacher who I had for most of my doctoral degree. Even while I was working full time Mondays through Fridays, when Saturday comes, all my work stress disappears when I go to school to learn from my favorite teacher.

She humbly shared so much knowledge and experiences about education that were all theoretical in my neophyte doctor-in-the-making mind then. But proved all her precious sharing were tools I am now using as I face the challenges of healing problems of an educational institution. She has inspired me to be the open-minded and always quench for life long education attitude that I now carry and also share with my co-teachers and even students.

In class, we did not just have serious philosophical debates or conceptualize some paradigm shifting - we shared family jokes and also went on field trips to enjoy nature! Yes, my being a pro-environment advocate is also her doing. And she knows I have been advocating saving Earth with my own students.

She herself was working full time during Mondays through Fridays as a school principal. But it humbled us when she told us that she always looks forward to her weekend, because she enjoys being with us on Saturdays for our meetings of the minds! She has always emphasized to treat our patients (schools in general, and specifically the students, teachers, and administrators) with tender love and care but never to think of any rewards in return.

But you know what she did not teach us that we found out later on? Loving our patients (you know who by now) does beget rewards, immaterial and priceless like our dear teacher. As I reminisce while I am writing this, I can not help but think how much of my present state, frame of mind, and ways of how I challenge myself in life are all the contents of her course outlines of various subjects under the doctor of education of which my favorite teacher taught us.

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