English and Humanities Teacher

by Goran
(Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA )

My favorite teacher in school was Mrs. Price. She was my English and Humanities teacher through my high school years 9th through 12 grade. There were many reasons that made her special.

I for one was a shorter person in high school and so was she. She was a very attracting short teacher that always had a certain flirt about her when she looked at me. Her grading was always very hard to me and I never received good grades from her. But I still found her very developing in my mind. She was a challenge.

I'm certain she knew I felt like she was my real cute teacher that I admired. I once bought her Valentine Day roses for her on Valentines Day, and she acted like she knew she was expecting to get them from me.

I would occasionally see her while I was out on lunch at Wendy's with my friends, as she would be having lunch with another teacher.

Our communication was always great. The thing about her was though she always graded me tough, even when I thought I did good on a subject. Her knowledge has helped me for the better in life. I still remember the proper way to format an essay and can impress anyone that I know what an essay even is. Whenever I have a writing assignment I always get reminded of her and hope that she is doing well.

I will never forget her short figure, her smile, and
the way she looked at me. I tended not to attend her class much during my senior year, due to me having fun with my friends and choosing to go fishing at the local dam instead. At the final I was a disaster. I started preparing for it good, but as a busy 12th grader. Things came up. I drifted away with my busy life style and could only bare to present my beginning and conclusion of my evidence as I presented my final on front of the class and on front of Mrs. Price. I knew I was a failure. My whole grade depended on it. And once again I had been carried away by my busy life and didn't dedicate time and knowledge for the final. My whole graduation depended on it.

I personally spoke about my experience with the class of how I valued everyone and would never forget them, bringing a scenario where I almost fell into tears. The tears were not so much on how I felt, they were more out of despair to pass her class and be in the graduating class instead of attending summer school.

My tear tactic worked and she passed me with a low grade instead of failing me. All I kept on feeling was thankfulness for her. I will try to always remember her quite and genuine personality.

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