English Poetry Teacher

by Renjith
(Trivandrum, Kerala, India)

My favorite teacher is my English teacher. I think while I am in fourth standard, she came to our school. She was very good looking, kind and loving. The most special thing about my English teacher is the way of her teaching. She knows which all words in each chapter will be difficult for the students to get the meaning. This is only a simple thing about her.

One of the spotting specialties of her is the way she is teaching poems. There is nothing to say about how she teaches us poems. It will be the most interesting class for every students. She will be singing the poems in her own way, waving her hands in the air. There will be difficult words in poems and she will tell us the correct way to pronounce each of that words.

I think she had been my class teacher for fourth, eighth, and tenth standard. She won't scold any students and no one was afraid of her, even though we all students are afraid of other teachers. She was the most inspiring teacher that I had ever seen. She had helped not only me but also so many other students in my class to succeed in our class and also in life.

The way she inspires us is by telling stories of famous peoples, who had well succeeded in their life through hard working. Every student in my class will be waiting for English period to come and we are having English periods every day in a week. I think it was when I joined my higher secondary classes that is plus one, she leave our school. It was the saddest moment for me and my friends in our school life. Some of the students even cry in the school bus. We all tell her not to leave from our school. But her husband is working abroad and she was also going and planning to settle there.

It was harder for her also to leave us. But what to do she must go. Now I think five years had passed, but she is still in our heart because we love her that much. We won't get any one like her in our life any more. I am very much proud to be a student in her class.

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