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I earned an ESL degree online and now I teach Basic English. The school I chose is called i-to-i, and it has been a great way to travel and work as a teacher.

I enjoyed being able to study and test whenever I wanted to. I was able to take breaks or study as long as I wanted. I did not feel there was peer competition. I could breathe easy and go over the material as much or as little that I wanted to. Meaning that I could work at my own pace, anytime day or night.

The hardest part of the online education at times it was hard to be motivated. It is very easy to put the class off in pursuit of other activities. Also it was difficult at times to know what the teacher expected from me. After working hard and submitting written work, only to find out that I had missed the concept. At times it would have been nice to ask the teacher for clarity, or to ask a peer for their view.

It has helped tremendously. Without it I would not be able to get a work permit here and remain in the country. Coming from Mexico, it has been wonderful to work and travel here in the USA. My online degree is what made that possible.

I would encourage people to at least give it a try. If it works then great!! If not, there is no harm in the experience.

Wanda, Comitan, Mexico, i-to-i, ESL

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