Favorite Electronics Teacher

by Cesar
(Tuxpan Veracruz, Mexico )

My favorite teacher was Rene Medina. He used to teach electronics in my faculty, and I remember that he was always telling me to do my experiments because that's how you can learn faster and understand better all the topics.

He also said if I don't work on experiments I could end up working in a call center, so I made all my lab experiments and now because of that I have a very good job.

I appreciate him very much, and now that he is retired I consider him as a friend because besides that advise he used to give us more advice in the classes and on the lab. He also encouraged me to earn my bachelor's degree.

I even donated blood for his father, and he was very nice to me, not because of that I approved the subject, he gave me extra work to do and reviewed it every day, and now I am thankful.

I used to tell the younger guys to subscribe to the subject with him as a teacher and also to do as many labs as they could. I mail him every now an then and I remember that even his daughter used to teach on the faculty. She was really nice too, I can tell you that in six months I learned very much about electronics and to be more accurate and careful to do all the electronics lab experiments.

He also helped me when I had some trouble with another teacher. He talked to him and told him that I was a good guy and that I deserved another chance. So I had another chance in the other subject, that is how and who my favorite teacher is.

So I can honestly say that he is also one of the persons that I appreciate most as a human being, teacher and friend. He made me enjoy an electronics career that I was about to quit one semester before meeting him.

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