Favorite Elementary Teacher

by Kaneisha
(Northridge, California, USA )

Mr. Rosenthol was my favorite teacher. He taught at Napa Street Elementary school. He taught me in third and fourth grade if I remember correctly. He was my favorite teacher because he was kind. You never saw him yell at a student. He was so much fun. When you were done with all of your class work he would allow you to go over to the tv and play the super nintendo, I vividly remember playing super mario bros. in the classroom.

I also remember that he would give us gummi bears (the best ones I might add) for answering questions correctly. I believe he was an English teacher. He was an older teacher but he was young in our eyes.

That was the class my sister and our best friend Dylan always looked forward to going to, and it was our last class. When I think about Napa Street Elementary School I think of Mr. Rosenthol. I'm 16 now but I still miss him now.

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