Favorite Fourth Grade Teacher

by Jon
(Oceanside, California, USA )

My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Myers. She was so amazing and fun as a teacher plus I learned so much. A great thing about her was how she would reward kids who did well in her class with assignments and their grades. Each day toward the end of the class, she would hand out a few delicious popsicles to the kids who had the best grades in their class for home work.

Also every few weeks, another great reward system she did to motivate her class and myself to do well was, she promised to take four or five kids to a very famous ice cream parlor, where her and her husband would drive. The kids who had the best in class participation, highest grades, and best attendance, at the end of the few weeks, would get to go with her.

Besides all the motivating ways she encouraged us to work harder and study and be in class on time, she was also so very nice. She was one of the most kind teachers.

Another great quality about her was some of the assignments we got to work on. I remember one project she had us do. We had to paper mache our own faces onto a beach ball and then paint them and then she would hang them from her ceiling to show off her class. She incorporated a lot of arts and crafts into her classes which made learning so much easier to comprehend and enjoy.

If assignments other than arts and crafts were hard for someone or to difficult to understand, she would take the time to sit with that person and help them learn, before class or after she would stay.

Sometimes, she would bring small animals or reptiles in the classroom, such as a turtle or small rabbit to show us.

Also a really great thing about my favorite teacher Mrs. Myers is she would let us learn in partners sometimes. If we had a big assignment, she would partner us up and together as a team we would work on it. We could work outside and that made it also so much fun and really made learning easier.

She never raised her voice but if someone acted out, she would have them sit at the back of the room, which was fair. She even brought in a vcr to watch movies if kids were good, and while she taught others, the better ones who acted good, got to watch a short film every Friday. That alone was a fantastic motivator to do well and proved why she was my favorite teacher.

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