Favorite Teacher 4th and 5th Grade

by Carrie
(Air Force)

My favorite teacher was Ms. Payne. Ms. Payne taught 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes combined. I had Ms. Payne for 4th grade and 5th grade. She was in her late 30's, never had children of her own, but truly loved teaching "her" kids!

She was very sporty, always wore cute sporty clothing, she had dark, short hair. She would wear glasses to read and would walk around the classroom with them on top of her head when she didn't need them to read.

She always encouraged the class to work together, regardless of our grade. She allowed the 4th graders to take lead and show the 5th and 6th graders how to do different lessons. She would mix it up, and let the 6th graders lead etc. She was always very encouraging. That was very special. She would let us have 1st grade reading buddies. We would work very closely with the little children and she always made sure we had fun.

She taught me how to enjoy poetry. We were allowed to read our favorite poetry to the class. We were allowed to write poetry and post our writings around the classroom.

She also allowed us to work at our own pace in math. I was very good in math and liked working on the higher levels of math. I liked that I could help the 5th and 6th graders with their math assignments.

She never made any student feel superior nor did she make any student feel inferior. She pushed us just enough to want to succeed. I carried that with me through High School. I moved away at the end of 5th grade, but I have never forgotten Ms. Payne.

I carried my love of poetry and math through out my life. When I was enlisted in the Air Force I was able to use my math skills for my daily duty and as a stay at home mom I can keep my family budget on track and I balance my checkbook without using a calculator!

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