Florida Teacher Certification

Earning Florida teacher certification might be the best career move you ever make. The state of Florida is booming and the public educational system is improving.

But before you jump into taking classes for online certification, make sure you understand the state certification requirements.

A little research up front will save you time and money in your search for the teaching program that's right for you.

Make mistakes now, and you will waste money and time on classes that you don't need or that won't count toward your certificate.

It's important to know the state in which you hope to be employed as a teacher. If you can narrow your search down to one or two specific school districts, that's even better.

If you plan to become an elementary level teacher in Florida, you will need to earn specialized certification for an early childhood education degree.

If you plan to teach at the secondary level, you will need a degree in the specific subject area you intend to teach, such Math or English.

For a career teaching social studies you may need your degree in History.

Florida has a very cool alternative pathway program for those seeking a career in teaching. They even provide an interactive map of the coordinators for each county.

Which Florida county would you like to teach in?

If the alternative certification program is not for you, research the requirements for the standard pathway to your new career.

Doing the research now will put you in control of your own career path.

Earn your Florida certification online and become a teacher in Florida.

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