Georgia Teacher Certification

Earning Georgia teacher certification can get you started in your new teaching career.

If you're already a teacher, earn a second certification online. Teachers licensed in a second subject area have greater job security and are more desirable on the job market.

Online degree programs carry some inherent risk for teachers in training.

The allure of easy credits is strong. There is no hassle commuting and attending class. You can keep your day job and do the work in the evening and on weekends.

Yet how can you be sure that the courses you are taking will qualify you for teacher certification?

The only answer is, do your research in advance of earning credits.

If you don't, you may waste money on courses that will not count toward Georgia teacher certification.

A little research up front puts you on the fast track to your new teaching career.

Make mistakes now, and you will waste money and time on classes that you don't need or that won't count toward your certificate.

If you are in mid-career and plan to become a teacher in Georgia, or if you are seeking a second certification area, visit this site before anything else. Get a person on the phone or by e-mail that will help you map out your unique path to a career teaching in Georgia public schools.

Prospective teachers will also need to pass certain tests in order to earn certification, such as the Georgia computer competency tests.

Doing the research now will put you in control of your own career path.

Earn your Georgia certification online and become a teacher now.

An online degree can save money and time for those who are serious about changing careers or for those who want a second or third certification area.

But there is no one single best pathway to your new teaching license. You have to do the research up front or face the chance that you took the wrong exams for your state or that your online credits don't count.

If possible, you should also have an idea of which school district you hope to work in. Certification is so complicated that from one district to the next, online credits may or may not be accepted for certification or for salary increases.

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