Graduate Teaching Degree Online
Do you fit the mold?

A graduate teaching degree online may not be for everyone. Then again, how many professionals fit the mold of prospective teacher in a traditional campus-based teaching program?

What are the problems facing prospective teachers?

Those who are changing careers: The current system of teacher certification in most states leaves little room for mid-career changers. Everyone is herded into a full-blown teaching degree program no matter what kind of previous education or work experience. An online master's degree is perfect for professionals looking for a career change. Hey, you already have a degree and work experience. You just need the requisite education credits to qualify for certification.

Those who already have advanced degrees: Many people who have already earned a master's degree, or even a PhD, are qualified to teach in every respect. They simply don't have a teaching license. If you fall into this category, the last you thing you need is another 45 credit graduate program just to get certified. An online degree program can help you earn the education credits needed to start your new career.

Those who have years of prior teaching experience: Many people have extensive experience teaching in private schools. In many cases these are excellent and seasoned professional teachers. Yet they are not qualified to teach in public schools for the simple lack of a teaching certificate. A teacher is made through the practice of teaching, and this kind of experience should be enough to certify teachers. If you are a seasoned teacher in need of education credits for a certificate, an online teaching program may be right for you.

Those who don't have time for a traditional program: Many great prospective teachers are at a time in life when a full-time campus experience just is not possible. The nearest program is too far from home. A full-time job prevents travel and day-time classes. How many excellent teachers are lost because the traditional certification process does not accommodate life's complications?

I know the difficulties first hand, because for years I was one of those prospective public school teachers who have a master's degree and several years of teaching experience in a Catholic school.

Yet I was not able to find a job teaching in public schools.

By taking courses online and via weekend seminars and week-long classes, I was able to earn my New York State teacher certification.

Today, there is no reason to fight the system the way I had to fight. Options are available to earn your graduate teaching degree online.

This website and blog are dedicated to helping prospective teachers find the shortest, cheapest, and best path to teacher certification.

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