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There are certain risks to earning your graduate teaching degree online.

First, not every school district will recognize a degree earned online. It is up to you to clarify that the degree you are earning will count in the eyes of your employer or prospective employer.

Second, from state to state, teaching requirements vary widely. Check certification requirements in your home state or in the state in which you intend to teach.

Last, some online degrees are not the bargains they seem to be. Research your school of choice carefully. The best programs have a history of demonstrated success and have been in existence for at least a few years.

Good News!

With the previous caveats in mind, however, earning a graduate teaching degree online may be the best career move you ever make.

First, just having a Master's degree can boost a teacher's income by ten percent. That's a lot of money over a decade or more of professional teaching.

Second, online degrees and distance learning are becoming accepted more and more. Many traditional campus-oriented universities are now offering distance degrees.

Third, saving time and transportation expenses can make all the difference when you plan to earn your degree while working as a teacher or in another job.

Last, an online program allows the student to focus on only those courses that are needed. Too often students waste time and money taking education classes that are not required by any state or by any school district.

Start Your Search Today!

Take advantage of the search tool on this page. Just type in your home state or the state in which you plan to teach.

The search results will set you on the path to choosing the best online degree for your teaching career.

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