High School Maths Teacher

by Ram
(Chennai,TN, India )

My favorite teacher is my maths teacher in my high school. I am doing my pre final schooling and my teachers name is Merlin. I have seen many teachers but only few are really dedicated to their profession, most of the others are either forced to take this job or take this job just for a partly income. She falls in to the former category who teaches with dedication and gives in her 100% for the welfare of the students.

She handled two mathematical papers for me over a period of 2 years and it was the sole reason why I was able to secure good marks in my maths exam. She used to be very kind and patient and even used to repeat a sum or method of doing it any number of times we asked her without hesitation and laziness.

All the students have a respect for her and she is kind of strict when students don't do home works and assignments and some times for her straight forwardness students also start respecting her.

Many students copy assignments from others and submit the same and she is very clever enough to identify these and she does not scold them nor hit them nor punish them, she calls them and explains the importance to them like a mother does to a child and that's her secret of success. She shows a lot of love and her flair
for the subject is applaudable.

Most people take tuition after school hours and earn some income out of it but she welcomes students to her house also to clear doubts or for extra sessions on the same without charging them any thing. I was weak in maths in my pre schooling and found it difficult to clear my maths papers but fortunately I got a teacher like Merlin who took me to the basics of it with good understanding and I started to slowly show improvement in my grades. For the first time I secured a "B", a grade never seen in the past years.

She liked me a lot and worked with me to pull out the "A" grade in my final examinations. I was really wondering how come I could do it and all my success in maths I would dedicate to her. Hats off Merlin.

She always used to have a book in her hand thinking of something and when I asked her once she said I was thinking the best example to quote so that it's easy for you all to understand and the examples she gives are simple and to the point. She used to spend a lot of time reading books in the staff room. She is a splendid teacher.

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