Idaho Teacher Certification:
Alternative Pathways

Idaho teacher certification opens a world of opportunity for teaching careers.

If you are a mid-career changer to the teaching profession you need an alternative pathway to a teaching license.

Idaho offers two such alternate routes.

One is for content specialists, i.e. teachers in high-need subject areas who lack certification but have mastery-level skills.

Teachers of math, science, and foreign languages often fit into this category.

Another offers an interim teaching certificate in a computer-based program.

Living and teaching in Idaho offer a wonderful range of lifestyles and careers.

The state offers some of the best outdoor living in the country.

From Boise in the south to Coeur d'Alene in the north, there are many cities and towns in Idaho worth looking into.

And there are many rural areas with great beauty and interesting people.

Often it is in rural areas that the best opportunities are found for becoming a new teacher in Idaho.

Smaller towns, too, need teachers in high-need subject areas. Such places are more willing to hire applicants who are still working toward Idaho teacher certification.

Online credits or an online degree may help fill the gaps in your transcripts.

While alternative paths do exist in Idaho, the bottom line is that all teachers must meet certification requirements eventually.

An alternate route simply means qualified individuals may start teaching before the certification process is complete.

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher in Idaho, and especially if you are considering relocating to this state, it is imperative that you contact the state department of education AND the school district in which you hope to teach.

There are now several online programs and universities to help you meet state certification requirements.

As always, Phoenix and Western Governors are two popular and affordable choices. (Phoenix more popular, WG more affordable!)

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