Illinois Teacher Certification

Earning Illinois teacher certification requires some research up front. Especially if you plan to earn some or all of your education credits online.

When you contact the Illinois State Board of Education you will be herded into one of the state's approved teacher preparation programs.

And that may be the best path for you, if you are just starting your career. For many, however, a full-time, multi-year teacher preparation program may not be possible.

If you fall into any of these categories, an alternative program may suit your needs.

Online credits may be the fastest and cheapest path to Illinois teacher certification.

Careful research is needed, however, to ensure that the time and money you spend earning credits online will result in the certification you are seeking.

Yet how can you be sure that the courses you are taking will qualify you for teacher certification?

The only answer is, do your research in advance of earning credits.

Contact the online university you plan to attend and ask them how to navigate Illinois teaching requirements.

Also contact the Illinois State Board of Education to ensure that your chosen school is giving you accurate information.

With the right combination of research and tenacity, it is possible to work through the red tape. You can earn online credit as part of your teacher certification program.

When you have earned the requisite number of credits in education courses, you will also need to pass certain state exams. There is a general skills test, a content test for your subject area, and the Assessment of Professional Teaching.

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