Java Programming Teacher

by Ranjini
(Palakkad, Kerala, India )

My favourite teacher is Sheba Chacko ... an MCA holder.. She was Handling java programming language while I was studying my PGDCA in College of Applied Science, Vadakkenchery, kerala, India.. she was a very good teacher as well as a supporter in every aspect for our studies.. about her character.. she was so calm, cool, and a pleasing personality. I never noticed her without patience. She was very friendly with us and as well as to all students and staff members and her colleagues.

She was so lovable to us. I remember one event. We were at the preliminary stage of our project. We didn't know how to choose a project because we hadn't done one before. In that situation she gave us a general knowledge about a project. Then she helped in our discussion about the project, the front language and backup language, etc. Then with her help only we had completed our project. On the last stage we are not able to let the project run on the computer of our college...we were fed up. We (4 students in a group) didn't expect such a situation...

In that time our teacher gave us very high moral support and she tried for three day full to install our project in the computer of our college. She searched useful information from various sources. She helped us to change the internal examinations to another date for our completion of the project. She prayed a lot for us to run the project properly for the internals. By luck or as the response for our prayers, our project ran properly for the exams and we got a good mark in the practicals.

We thanked her a lot for her help. Now also we are contacting our teacher even it became an old story but unforgettable. She is also very happy in our calls. We love her very much forever.

We believe she is an ideal teacher..and we love her patience so much.... we love you Maaaaam!

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