Maine Teacher Certification:
Targeted Subject Areas Need Teachers

Maine teacher certification programs target high-need subject areas such as special education, language, and high school math and science.

Do you plan to start your career teaching in Maine?

If yes, what requirements must you meet to earn a teaching license?

Every prospective teacher has the same question, and the answer is never as easy to find as it should be.

The best first step is to contact the Department of Education for the state of Maine.

Requirements are changing all the time, and you will need up-to-date information about Maine teacher certification.

There is good news for those who plan to teach in high-need areas such as foreign language, math, science, and special education.

Maine has targeted these subject areas as in need of qualified teachers.

If you qualify, a school district may be able to hire you to teach immediately.

You must then earn your certificate while teaching.

While that's not easy, at least you will have a teaching job while finishing your education.

If you plan to earn your teaching degree online, Maine requires that you complete a teacher preparation program from a regionally accredit college or university.

Western Governers and Phoenix may be able to help. And there are many others.

Online teaching degrees are becoming more popular with applicants and more respected by school districts.

Your best first move, as stated above, is to talk with an official at the Maine Department of Education.

Your best second step is to contact the online school of your choice. A guidance counselor will be able to help you navigate any difficulties regarding teacher certification in Maine.

When considering online colleges and universities, it is important to consider more than just the cost and length of the program.

Ask the tough questions of your guidance counselor: Is this school accredited? Will my teacher certification be accepted by school districts in my home state?

And don't just take the word of the representative of your school, either. It is absolutely critical that you double check with your state and even with prospective employers.

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