Maryland Teacher Certification:
Requirements for Resident Teacher Certificate

Maryland teacher certification may be earned via several pathways. The pathway that is right for you depends on your current level of education and your prior work experience.

The path taken for elementary certification is quite different than the path to secondary certification.

And then secondary certification is broken down by subject area. Math, English, Social Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, and Languages all have separate requirements. A successful secondary teacher must have expertise in his or her subject area.

Then there are separate and distinct requirements for certification in Early Childhood, Special Education, and Middle School.

So what kind of teacher do you plan to become?

For more information about YOUR specific requirements to become a teacher in Maryland, visit these pages about Maryland State Teacher Requirements.

Once you understand the state requirements for your teaching career, it's time to find the univesity degree program that can get you into the classroom teaching in Maryland.

You will need information about Maryland's Program Approval and Assessment branch.

Not all prospective teachers fit neatly into one of the standard pathways to teacher certification. But don't worry, Maryland offers several approved alternative preparation programs for teachers.

Below you will find more information about accredited online teacher preparation programs that may lead to Maryland teacher certification.

When researching online degree programs, it is important to consider more than just the cost and length of the program.

Ask the tough questions: Is your college accredited? Will my teacher certification be accepted by school districts in Maryland?

And don't just take the word of the representative of your school, either. It is absolutely critical that you double check with your state and even with prospective employers. Most school districts will share such details with qualified applicants.

So don't be afraid to get off line and get on the phone to your local school district. If possible, make direct contact with prospective employers before you embark on your degree program.

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