Online Math Degree:
Become a Teacher in Less Time at Lower Cost

An online math degree is the perfect choice for career changers or teachers earning a second certification area.

You have the skills in math. You need the degree to earn teacher certification.

You need an online program that respects your prior knowledge, your time, and your pocketbook.

Becoming a math a teacher is closer than you think if you have the life experience and the work ethic to earn your degree online.

The key is to avoid the diploma mills. Most of them are not accredited and will not get you in the door for a respectable interview, let alone a teaching job.

If you are looking for real degree that will help you start your career teaching math in public schools, take a look at Western Governors University.

These opportunities are ideal for substitute teachers who know math and can handle students. This may be the fastest route to teacher certification.

Or, if you are a private school math teacher in need of credits to earn teacher certification in your state, then WGU may be the perfect fit for you.

Or, if you are planning to change careers and become a math teacher, your prior education will go a long way toward earning teacher certification.

As always, it is essential to start your search for an online degree by researching and understanding the teacher certification requirements in your home state.

Once you understand the process for teacher licensing in your state, take careful look at Matt's experience on the previous page. Research the programs at that online school. Even give them a call at 1-800-647-1871.

The alternative is to pay way too much for courses that you honestly do not need to become a great math teacher. Don't let the established system of certification confuse you or intimidate you.

Take control of your new career by becoming informed about your home state and about online certification opportunities.

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