Mathematics Teacher and Mentor

by Ashish
(Jaipur, Rajesthan, India)

Mr. Rajeev was my favourite teacher. He used to teach us in a practical way. He made me believe that I can fight any problem with a strong attitude. He was my mathematics teacher and every time he used to solve the problems with a different approach, which made me a die hard fan of him and I would be always having a respect for him.

He was not only my teacher but also a mentor for me. He always used to take part in competitions and quiz in General knowledge and in Maths and used to motivate us for the same competitions and set an example. He always gave a liberty to all of us so we could stand with students of other organizations.

He was an allrounder and used to show his talent in other fields other than studies as in sports. He was so good player of Cricket and Football. I remember in one inter college tournament where he prepared the whole team gave us the confidence to perform well.

Today I feel that I am so lucky that I was his student. He has been the source of inspiration at each and every point of my life. I am still in touch with him and I consult the important matters with him.

I remember one incident of my life which inspire me a lot. Once during the time of my examination I fell ill and was not able to study as I used to do and I got failed in the exam and ironically I was a very good student of my class. My parents and all teachers were very proud of me, but this time I was shattered with the result of my exam. It demoralized me and I was not able face my parents, my teachers and my friends.

I started spending my time alone and I was not taking part in any other activities. That was the time when Mr. Rajeev sir gave me a lesson which still helps me to fight with the challenges of life. He just told me in a very simple way that life is full of challenges and there will always be a new problem every day in your life and that will be lot tougher than getting fail in an academic exam. "Every day will be a new day, and always come with flying colors".

Thanks, Mr. Rajeev, for being a great mathematics teacher and mentor.

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