Mathematics Teacher, Life Coach

by Manik
(Nagpur, Maharashtra, India )

I must say that Mr. Mishra was my favorite teacher in school. He taught us Mathematics in eighth standard.

I was 12 years old then. My father taught Physics in College and wanted me to be good in Mathematics and Physics. Though I was a good student, in our quarterly examination, I didn’t do very well in Mathematics and just managed to pass.

In ninth standard we were supposed to opt either for Mathematics and science or for Biology and life sciences. The setback I got in Mathematics test made me think that I should opt for Biology next year though I had no liking for the subject.

Mr. Mishra consoled me and asked me to attend extra coaching that he was ready to give to interested students. His way of teaching was such that we developed an interest in the dreaded subject. He taught us very methodically. Mr. Mishra was affectionate to his pupils and never punished any students severely. Still he was strict about completion of home-work. Some very basic concepts like solving simultaneous equations, time and speed problems, calculating simple and compound interest, etc. are vital to future understanding of the subject.

I still remember the tips and tricks taught by him to crack complicated problems. He gave us a lot of homework to do which we all disliked; but that gave us the required practice. His labor paid off and I passed with flying colors in the annual examination. From there, I never looked back and developed great interest in Mathematics.

I stood first in the Higher Secondary Board’s examination getting the highest percentage in Mathematics and Physics. Had my teacher not helped me in eighth standard, I would never have achieved this success. I later got a Doctorate in Physics and today I teach in College following in my father’s footsteps.

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