Michigan Teacher Certification:
Early Retirement and New Opportunity

Seeking Michigan teacher certification? With thousands taking early retirement incentives, there is no time like the present to start a career teaching in Michigan.

  • According to the Detroit News from January 28, thousands of eligible teachers may take early retirement.
  • Even with budget shortfalls, when the old guard retires there is new opportunity.
  • Earning your certification this year may bring you to the job market as jobs are increasing.

Bad economic news may mean opportunity for those seeking to start a career teaching in Michigan public schools.

"If 10 percent of the 50,000 to 70,000 school employees eligible to take advantage of this pension sweetener opt to retire, the savings next year could be about $400 million and $1.7 billion over 10 years, union officials and lawmakers said." -- Mark Hornbeck, Detroit News Lansing Bureau

Earning all or some of your credits online may make the deal even sweeter for prospective teachers.

Your first move is to contact the Michigan Department of Education website, where you will learn exactly what courses and examinations are required for Michigan teacher certification.

States are becoming more efficient communicating certification requirements, and the Michigan website is comprehensive.

The problem is that no state employee really wants to help an individual applicant meet those requirements, especially not with online credits and distance learning.

The state of Michigan would rather have you enroll in a pre-approved teacher preparation program. They will not recommend any specific program, however.

So your second move is to contact the online university or college of your choice. Ask them tough questions about how they will help you earn your teaching license.

  • Do they have a Michigan teacher preparation program?
  • Will they guide you through the application process?
  • Will they help you prepare and pass professional teaching examinations?
  • What is their success rate? And do they offer real job placement services to help you get interviews?

Once you understand the certification requirements for the state of Michigan AND you are confident that your online school operates successfully in Michigan, then you can proceed with confidence earning your degree online.

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