My 9th Grade Geography Teacher

by Vishesh
(Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)

You can name your favorite teacher ever, and favorite junior high or high school teacher, whatever. I am not going to name his full name, just what we called him by and that was Mr. Ajay Sharma.

He was my 9th grade geography and senior year government teacher (civics? what was it called? it's been so long ) He also coached wrestling after classes. I was not on the wrestling team. Mr. Sharma was a big guy, not very tall, but big! And he often gave "the look." You know the look you get from your parents when you disappoint them? He had it down pat. He also looked mean, intimidating, and unapproachable.

Looks can be deceiving. He was a sweetheart! He truly cared about his students. If your grades weren't up to par, he'd let you know it without making you feel like an idiot as some teachers could.

If he'd sense things weren't right, maybe if someone wasn't quite "themselves" that day, he'd take you aside and ask if everything was all right and let you know that if you needed to talk, he was there.

However, he wasn't pushy or persistent. He just laid it out that the door was open whenever you needed him. This man also had a great sense of humor. If he caught people passing out notes in class, he'd walk right up to them, ask for the note and
would proceed to read it to the entire class! He'd oftentimes make things up to make the note more scandalous. LOL So I thought I'd give him some real juice. I wrote a note and passed it to my friend just when I saw him looking in my direction. He took it and read it aloud, "Mr. Sharma is the best teacher I've had. I'm not just saying that. He's nice, he's smart and HE'S SOOOO HANDSOME."

You should have seen him turn several shades of red. It was quite a sight. LOL I'm soooooo bad. I wish all teachers could be like him. Actually, I enjoyed most of grade school--art, music, but I didn't like and still don't like math or anything to do with numbers!

His method of teaching differs somewhat from that of our former teacher. He pays much attention in correcting our pronunciation and drills us in expressing ourselves in short English sentences. At the end of each lesson, he gives us assignments and lets us work out ourselves. This method means more work for us to do in the evening, as we have to consult the dictionary again and again; but this help us to remember the new words and phrases and we feel that we have been making rapid progress.

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