My Advanced Math Teacher

by Seth
(San Diego)

My favorite teacher was my Advanced level mathematics teacher. At the beginning of the advanced levels my mathematics was very poor and the rate at which I solved questions was very slow. My teacher was patient with me and at the beginning he helped me with understanding the concepts of mathematics and tried to solve easy questions that illustrate the fundamentals well.

In the first semester my marks were not that good but my teacher encouraged me to do my best. After some time I gained confidence in my work and I realised that I had the potential to answer problems without making them complex. The advanced level examination is the most competitive exam in the educational life of an student and each student tries to perform well in order to enter the university. The university education is a privilege and the entrance is the difficult part.

The teachers in the advanced level classes always try to get their students to the top ranks. My teacher was an excellent communicator and a maestro in the subject and always helped the students to improve. In fact I’m not the only one in my class whom he helped. At the end of the first year I knew that I would get a good result at the examination. My teacher had built confidence and analytical skills in me and he always guided me.

At the examination I got good results and was able to enter the university with good marks. I still respect my teacher for not giving up on me and helping all of us in the class to do their best and understand the full potential of an mathematical mind. He still teaches in my college and whenever I have time I visit him. He still remembers us and still help us to improve our lives.

Teachers are guides and they always influence our lives with the power in their hands. A great teacher is an asset to a student and I respect my teacher a lot.

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