My Best English Teacher

by Mike
(Boston, MA)

Throughout my entire school career, my favorite teacher was my high school English teacher named Mrs. Horn. Mrs. Horn was a very stern teacher, but a really nice person. When lecturing or reading, she would always keep us quiet, but she would still try to make it fun. Also, she would always leave us time after our lesson to socialize. This was a really great thing for us because we were always mentally drained after a long English lesson.

I remember my favorite lesson was on The Great Gatsby. She actually made that book entertaining for me. All during the novel, she made the comparison between “old money” and “new money” extremely easy to understand. Later, after I moved on from her class, I still kept in touch with her and kept her up to date on all my current school habits. She is an excellent person to motivate a student. She is always talking to me about her youth as well as her college days, and giving me advice on what to and not to do. When I asked her, she had even been nice enough to write me college recommendation letters.

I have no idea why Mrs. Horn liked me, it may have been because I just sat quietly and did my work. Most of my English class was really rowdy that year, so she had her hands full. I even told her when I was her T.A. once, “Mrs. Horn, I gotta hand it to you, you put up with way too much.” She just kind of laughed and agreed with me, because her English classes are hell in a handbag sometimes. To sum it up, my favorite teacher was my high school English teacher Mrs. Horn. She knew how to keep us in line, but she also knew how to be friendly.

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