My Favorite Psychology Teacher

by Agnes
(Pasig City, Manila, Philippines )

I remember my favorite teacher in college, Sir Boogie de Guzman, who teaches Philosophical Foundation of Psychology at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. He called me to recite in front of the class and his style of selecting students for a recitation is to pass the blackboard eraser and he has a bell and when he rings the bell the student holding the blackboard eraser will be the one to recite in front. I did not study in his class, and I was called to recite. I did not answer any of his questions. I just stayed there in front while I see my classmates signaling me some answer to the question.

I did not like him after that incident and I thought I was doomed in that class. But when I got my grade, I got the highest mark and from that day on, he is my favorite teacher because he give grades based on performance and not because he knows the student or plays favorites.

He was my teacher in other classes, too, and he always gives a fair mark from him. He is a very cool teacher, never boring, always tries to make us laugh. He looks serious and then suddenly he would crack a joke.

All the students are quiet and attentive in his class because you might miss something that he said. He is different from other teacher because he explains the lesson well and relates it in our lives where it would be best understood. He gives practical examples that are meaningful; I still remember his example up to this day because all his examples are real and observable that you can connect it to your experiences.

Like in one of his examples in our subject Filipino Psychology, he was explaining why you can criticize your mother, your relative in front of your partner, but if your partner or husband is the one criticizing your mother or relative it would be unacceptable.

I was a student then and I observed that example and now that I have my own family and husband still the example rings true. Right now, when I visited my old school, he was promoted as the Head of the Psychology Department and I was proud to be one of his students. I just wish there were more like him in our school.

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