My Favorite Teacher is Now My Fiancée

by Chet
(Austin, TX)

The most special teacher I had was also my best friend and actually my fiancée now. I met her when I was starting my administration college.

Back at that time I was having a hard time to learn maths. I never was a good math student but in college it was like hell. I was having problems at home and financial also and it was ruining my self esteem.

I remember I was at the library and I was so frustrated that I was about to throw the books away when she talked to me and asked what was wrong. I explained to her what was happening and she offered to help me. I was glad somebody did because I was thinking on quitting.

After about four days studying with her I was getting better and better. She had a clear way to explain things. She was calm and funny and I realized I was starting to feel something more for her. She told me every time that I was a smart guy and shouldn't quit the college. That would be a waste of good talent to do it.

After starting studying with her I was a new person. She was captivating and my confidence was coming back. We continued to study together and as the time passed by we became closer and eventually became friends. I told her about my problems at home and she helped me with those, too. This made me fall in love with her and I started to believe her words. I realized that maybe I could actually finish the college.

I studied with her for the rest of the college and I finished it after three years. I am very grateful to her because if it weren't for her I probably wouldn't have finished college and my life would be completely different now. I have my degree, and we are living and working in Texas.

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