My Kindergarten Teacher

by Joanna

My favorite teacher was definitely my kindergarten teacher. She was a kind, sweet woman who always had a ready smile for all her students.

I remember her being teased that she chose to handle a kindergarten class because of her stature. She was quite short and could easily be mistaken for a kid. The good thing was, she was a kid at heart as well. She enjoyed the playground as much as her students and it was a treat for us every time she would join us in our games.

One of the more memorable lessons we had with her was the lesson about the sound of the letter “H”. She started by asking all of us to get off our chairs and just start running around the playground. We ran for what seemed like forever. Finally, she asked us to go back to our seats. Huffing and puffing, we all sat down, listening to each other – “huh, huh, huh”. With a sly smile she said you know that sound you’re all making as you try to catch your breaths? That’s the sound of the letter “H”. Tired though we were, we all had smiles on our faces as she continued with the lesson.

I had several teachers going through school, but I never forgot her. As I moved on to higher grades, I’d often see her with her new group of students. I was always too shy to do anything more than give her smile. But before leaving the school for good and heading off to college, I mustered my courage and approached her to tell her how much I loved being her student.

Being in her class made learning fun, not tedious. Had my kindergarten teacher not been so nice, I could have ended up being one of those people who hated school. I went on to become a teacher myself. I can only hope that I have touched my students lives as she did mine.

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