My Previous Teachers, but still is the best...

by Cielo Marie Z. Suarez
(Hilongos, Leyte)

Frm: Cielo Marie Suarez

To: My Dear Teachers

A favorite is the one whom you like the most. I haven't chosen one yet, but there is one teacher that was one of my inspirations, Mrs. Villaruel. She was so nice and she was the one who always encouraged me to overcome my shyness. Even though I haven't done that yet, she was a very big help to me. The way she teaches fascinates me. Every Time she calls me my heart keeps on pounding so fast. You know why? It was because I was afraid to give a wrong answer in front of the teacher who was part a big part of my heart....

Mrs. Compendio was my Filipino teacher during my grade 5 days. She was so funny but gets mad so fast.. but still, she was one of the teachers I was fond listening to. When she discussed our lessons I kinda get interested. You know why? Because when she teaches she usually does some funny things. More like a "JOKE LESSON".

Mrs. De Paz was my science teacher during grade 5 days, and still is now. What I like about her is she was a women who keeps reaching her goals. She is so hardworking. All I can say to her is "You Are The Best!"

Without my dear teachers, I couldn't pass through the wall that was blocking my way..... they are the ones whom I've used for battling and winning!!!

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