National Board Certification:
Teaching as a Professional Career

Teachers who earn National Board Certification demonstrate not only expertise in their academic field, but also mastery of teaching as a professional practice.

From building working relationships with students, motivating them and guiding them, to planning effective curriculum, to differentiating instruction to benefit every child, the process of National Board Teacher Certification can help good teachers become great teachers.

Minimum Requirements for application:

You must have a bachelor's degree, three years professional teaching experience, and your teaching certificate.

Do you meet the minimum requirements? Are you up for a two- or three-year challenge?

If so, you may consider working toward National Board Certification.

Not yet certified? Need a few more years experience?:

If you're still working toward a degree, or don't yet have your certificate and/or teaching experience, then keep this professional goal in mind for the future.

This kind of advanced teacher certification can't be done online. However, you CAN earn your BA and your initial license online. Then, when you have three years experience teaching, apply for to the Nation Board for your advance professional license.

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