No Longer Struggling in Math!

by Rachel
(Thomasville, North Carolina, USA )

I had been struggling with math since the sixth grade by the time I was placed in Mrs. Cannon's class for Technical Math 1. I had passed Geometry with a grade that was high enough to pass but was not high enough for me to be placed in Algebra 2. I was stressed out with math and just wanted it to be simple instead of so complicated like my previous teachers had made it for me.

Why did math become one of my most difficult subjects? I had started the sixth grade in a new school with new people so I had an awkward time adjusting to all the new things that surrounded me. I was placed with a teacher for the normal math course called Mrs. Craft who refused to explain anything she taught and expected us to do every problem her way or face a failing grade for the course. This placed some stress on future math courses until I was placed with Mrs. Cannon.

I had met Mrs. Cannon in passing when I was preparing for the Pre-SAT and needed help for the geometry part of the test since I would not be taking it till the following semester. She had suggested a website to try but could not help me directly due to testing procedures. I was placed in her class in the eleventh grade and enjoyed the hands-on material she taught. Mrs. Cannon would take higher level math and simplify her explanations until we could understand problems she assigned in our workbooks.

I had progressed enough during her course that she assigned me to helping other students when I was finished with my work before it was due. Mrs. Cannon inspired me to put forth effort in my learning even when I may not understand it and work towards improving my understanding of different subjects.

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