North Dakota Teacher Certification

There are a number of basic requirements for earning North Dakota teacher certification.

First, a candidate must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an approved teacher education program. An approved program must include a general studies component, a North Dakota recognized program area major, and a professional pedagogy core. For different certification areas(e.g., Elementary Education, Special Education, Secondary Education content areas), there are different requirements. A candidate must demonstrate an overall minimum grade point average of 2.5.

A candidate must provide three letters of recommendation. Two of the recommendations must be from the most recent employing board, credentialed supervisors, or administrators. The other recommendation may be a person with knowledge of the candidate's teaching potential and character.

The candidate must submit a fee of $30 with his/her request for an initial application form. A fee of $70 must accompany the application for teacher licensure. An additional fee of $175 for transcript review for out-of-state graduates must also be submitted with the application for licensure.

After completing the licensure application process, a candidate must be fingerprinted as a screening for criminal records. The criminal record inquiry authorization form and the fingerprint screening card must be submitted to the education standards and practices board office.

Candidates who hold nonteaching degrees in content areas taught in public schools may receive initial licensure through completion of professional education requirements in a state-approved program. This may be done at the undergraduate or graduate level.

All candidates for initial licensure must submit passing test scores from the Praxis I (Pre-Professional Skills Testing) in reading, writing, and mathematics. This is a requirement for all North Dakota teacher certification.

After meeting all of these requirements, a candidate may be issued an initial license, which is effective for two years. Following that, a regular, five-year license may be issued to candidates who have met all of the requirements for a license and have successfully taught for 18 months in the state of North Dakota. There are other types of licenses as well, including a one-year alternative license which may be issued in a documented shortage area, an out-of-state reciprocal license, which is good for two years, a re-entry license for people who have been out of teaching for five years or more, and a probationary license, for those who have not completed all re-education requirements.

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