Online Business Management Degree:
Understand Management Decisions

Will an online business management degree advance your career?

Online degrees have become more common and more respected in the business world.

One degree holder shares his ideas after earning his business management degree online.

Mark from Colorado Springs, CO, did his research and made his choice. And now he has a Bachelor's in Business Management from Phoenix University.

Read more about Mark's experience below:

Describe what you liked best about your online business management degree.

I enjoyed the freedom of being able to take classes and work on projects as I saw fit. I could still work a full-time job, with rotating shifts, and be a full-time student. I did not have to shuffle my work hours around in order to attend an early morning class or an evening lecture. Most of the work involved the writing of papers, which was good for me since I enjoy writing. There was also a certain amount of freedom concerning some of the topics. Most of the papers were required to be between five hundred and seven hundred words. This usually was not a problem unless the topic was a difficult or tedious one. Once I learned how to structure a paper, even these became a little easier. Couple the paper writing with the fact that the University of Phoenix does not administer final exams or tests and you have the makings of a good program for someone like me.

Describe what you liked least about your online learning experience.

One of the things I liked the least about earning a degree at the University of Phoenix were the teams. At the beginning of each class, students were broken up into seemingly random groups. These groups were supposed to get together to work on projects and papers, with each member contributing their share. In each class, there were team members that never seemed to pull their weight and their work was shuffled off to other members. These folks were allowed to cruise through a lot of classes that way. Since the classes were only 5 weeks long, by the time you complained enough to get a slacking team member removed, the class was almost over. The team portion of student grades accounted for 30 percent of your entire grade, leaving teams to struggle through or face failure. Worse yet, classes were designed for students to have the same team members from class to class. This means if you were working on the same degree as a slacker and started school at the same time, you were likely stuck with them during your entire degree.

Has earning this degree helped or hurt your career?

At this point, having a degree has allowed me to see how management comes to some of their decisions, right or wrong. Soon, it will help me gain promotions.

What would you say to others who are thinking of pursuing an online business management degree?

Don't feel like an online degree is worth less than one from a traditional school. Traditional campuses are full of screw ups and such. Folks pursuing an online degree really want a degree, not just a four year party.

Mark - Colorado Springs, CO - University of Phoenix - Business Management

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