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They earned degrees online. They took the plunge, did the work, and advanced their careers.

Yes, they used to be where you are now. Wondering what college to attend. Asking questions about which degree program would fit their lifestyle.

Learn from the successes, and even the mistakes, of those who have already been through the process of earning a degree online.

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Erin from Cleveland, Ohio, earned her criminal justice degree online.

Jenna from Alburquerque, New Mexico, also earned her degree in criminal justice.

John from Boise, Idaho, landed a major promotion after finishing his IT bacholor's degree.

Jean from Ontario, Canada, attended Excelsior College Online. This 30-year-old mother earned her degree in liberal studies.

Sherry from Worcester, MA, climbed up the teachers' pay scale earning her online education degree.

Shelley from Shorehan, NY, attended Liberty Univesity, earning her online history degree.

Mark from Colorado Springs, CO, earned his online business management degree from the University of Phoenix.

Joe from Colorado Springs, CO, earned his online business degree from DeVry University.

Amanda from Nova Scotia, Canada, took courses in graphic design from HomeEd. She loved the creativity of the projects, but feels the courses did not advance her career. Her advice: Plan job placement in advance!

Josh from Mission Viejo, CA, earned his online public administration degree from Bellevue University. Learn how he went on to become an online teacher.

Shaun from Pennsylvania completed an online IT degree program from Phoenix University.

Learn which schools offer online teacher certification.

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